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What They Say About Our Work:

I am very happy with Aldebaron; their product -– and especially their people. They have always been there when we needed assistance, support, guidance and reassurance. They don’t have to go as far as they go for us, but they have always been very supportive. I appreciate their support and am pleased to tell others about it whenever I get a chance.”

Thomas Reeves, Executive Vice President, ALCOSYS, Inc.

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The SYMPAQ SQL Incurred Cost Electronically (ICE) templates have saved our LSInc Accounting department many days of work, and let us avoid thousands of dollars of cost by not having to bring in an outside CPA firm to help us prepare our initial  DCAA Incurred Cost submissions. The Aldebaron staff has always responsive to our requests for technical advice and support, but they went out of their way to help us with our first use of the ICE tool.

Now that our data is in ICE, we can envision a number of other management reports and budgeting tools that can be built off the existing model. We thank Aldebaron very much for their support. The guys are always there when we call on them.”

Bill Doyle, Director of Operations, Logistics Support, Inc.

Logistics Support

MetroLaser has found the SYMPAQ accounting software to be a cost-effective solution that continues to meet the ever changing demands of government cost accounting, along with the daily accounting tasks we perform. The software package offers comprehensive and easy to maintain solutions to all aspects of the accounting cycles, including structuring and reporting on the indirect pools, comprehensive subsidiary job cost ledgers (SJCL), and detailed reports in support of the SJCL. The additions of F9 and Crystal Reports are core tools within SYMPAQ that have provided flexibility to customize reporting to meet our needs. We would select SYMPAQ again based on the strength of the software and your excellent technical support. Our compliments to Aldebaron. It has been a pleasure to present your reports in our annual DCAA audits!”

Marjorie Matthis, Financial Consultant, MetroLaser, Inc.


Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation transitioned to SYMPAQ SQL in August 2001 when SYMPAQ SQL was in its beta stage. We have seen significant improvements in the functionality of the software as new versions have been released and have attempted to utilize most of its functions, particularly the invoicing and payroll modules. The software has been highly reliable. Also of note is the unlimited scalability of the software.

We’ve saved money by using SYMPAQ-generated reports in lieu of paying for an outside service for the various quarterly payroll reports and have been able to prepare our invoices almost a week faster than we did with our old accounting software. Presently, we are preparing to utilize a recently added feature to the accounts payable module that allows vendors to be paid electronically.

The SYMPAQ system has allowed us to be more efficient and process significantly more transactions without adding staff. Over the last four years, since going with SYMPAQ we’ve doubled our workforce as well as our sales and have had to make few additions to our accounting department.”

Robert E. Bauder, Vice President/CFO, Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation

Navmar Applied Sciences Corp

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I have enjoyed working with you and how much I appreciate you, your team and your product.  Thanks for the great service!”

Diana Gault, Business Administrator, Micro-RDC


I think SYMPAQ is a well-built, robust cost accounting tool that’s very well suited for small to medium businesses. The product is highly expandable and customizable and I find it exceptionally straightforward to use. Most of all, the service and support from Aldebaron is exceptional –- really outstanding.”

Aaron Anderson, Chief Financial Officer, Brandes Associates

Brandes Associates

By the way, eTx is looking great. I love how it works with SYMPAQ and that I can enter data into SYMPAQ and it synchs with eTx. The reporting features are GREAT! You guys did good!”

Margaret Yee, Chief Financial Officer, DigiFlight, Inc.


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