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DCAA Audits: All the Reports You Need

Government contractors are aware of the watchful eye of the Defense Contract Audit Agency (what is this?). So are we! We develop our products with our eyes focused on CAS (Cost Accounting Standards), and the FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations).

Very few commercially available cost accounting systems provide true compliance with the DCAA’s stringent requirements for government contractors. SYMPAQ is among those few. We are proud to note that the DCAA has raised no significant audit issues in companies where SYMPAQ software has been properly implemented.

It’s all about the reports and the audit trail!

SYMPAQ  meets all of the cost accounting guidelines specified on Standard Form 1408 (Accounting System Evaluation Checklist):

  • Accumulation of actual direct costs by labor category and job
  • Indirect cost accumulation and allocation using provisional, budgeted, or actual burden rates
  • Calculation of multiple indirect rates per job or task
  • Inception-to-date job or task detail
  • Tracking and segregation of unallowable costs
  • Uncompensated overtime
  • Bid & Proposal and Independent Research & Development Treatment
  • Segregation of direct and indirect costs
  • Tracking of employee labor by intermediate or final cost objectives

The SYMPAQ Incurred Cost Model has been designed to significantly reduce the time required to prepare the required schedules, and greatly reduces manual input. It accommodates your existing Chart of Accounts and has the flexibility to be modified as needed. The required schedules and reports are in a format consistent with the electronic version of the ICE model that is available for download from the DCAA’s Website. Once your reporting parameters have been set, the following ICE schedules are automatically generated:

  • Summary of Claimed Indirect Rates
  • General & Administrative (G&A) Expenses
  • Overhead Expenses
  • Occupancy Expenses – Intermediate Pool
  • Claimed Allocation Bases
  • Reconciliation of Books of Account And Claimed Direct Costs
  • Reconciliation of Claimed Direct Costs to Job Cost Ledger
  • Summary Schedule of Direct Contract/Subcontract/IR&D/B&P Costs
  • Contract Direct Costs by Contract/Subcontract and Indirect Expense Applied at Claimed Rates
  • Government Participation in Indirect Cost Pools
  • Schedule of Cumulative Direct and Indirect Costs Claimed and Billed
  • Computation of Allowable IR&D/B&P Costs
  • Comparative Analysis of Overhead
  • Comparative Analysis of G&A
  • Comparative Analysis of Occupancy
  • Comparative Analysis of Direct Costs
  • Reconciliation of Claim to Form 1120, Corp Income Tax Return

The DCAA ICE (Incurred Cost Electronically) submission is provided as a standard feature in our F9 add-on for SYMPAQ SQL.

For more information on how Aldebaron helps government contractors comply with DCAA cost accounting standards, please contact us today.

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