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Is your company an emerging government contractor?

Small Government Contractor

If so, is SYMPAQ for you?

Yes, if you:

  1. Feel that you are going to be in the business of government contracting for the long run,
  2. Value DCAA compliance up front instead of when it becomes a necessity in order to win a contract award,
  3. Would prefer not to undergo a potentially expensive system conversion process once you reach a critical point in your growth cycle,
  4. Wish to be less dependent on potentially unreliable spreadsheets or accounting software add-ons for project costing and invoicing,
  5. Perceive accounting software as an investment rather than as an expenditure,
  6. Want to keep more of your hard earned cash versus spending it on high priced government contract consultants for preparing incurred cost submissions, assisting with internal controls audits and other such endeavors that could be better handled by your financial system,
  7. Can envision a return on investment due to automating manual processes,
  8. Understand that accounting related costs are allowable expenses and may be recouped on your flexibly priced contracts as part of your indirect cost rate structure.

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Demo Videos

Small Government ContractorShort demo videos that highlight some key features of SYMPAQ SQL.

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“We’ve saved money by using SYMPAQ-generated reports in lieu of paying for an outside service”

Bob Bauder, NAVMAR Applied Sciences Corp

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