Cash flow is the “lifeblood” of any business.

When we are setting up SYMPAQ for your business, the first step is determining your specific invoicing requirements while putting cash flow above all as the number one priority. Although DCAA compliance is the ultimate end goal, SYMPAQ puts invoicing your customers at the top of your setup checklist. In addition to generating the standard billing forms, we have integrated a variety of invoice templates for our clients to streamline the process of calculating and rendering transactional and lump sum invoices in a format that gets you paid on time.

Fixed Price Services Invoice

The Fixed Price Services Invoice is used for projects where the statement of work detail is required and services are billed on a lump sum firm fixed price and not by level of effort.

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Invoice Summary

The Invoice Summary rolls up total labor hours and dollars and other direct costs into summary line items without a detailed breakdown.

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Professional Services Invoice

The Professional Services Invoice provides line item detailed descriptions by unit of time and by individual staff members’billing rate.

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Sales Order Invoice

The Sales Order Invoice is used for invoicing product and fixed priced service contract line items by quantity, units and extended amounts.

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Staffing Services Invoice

The Staffing Services Invoice provides individual staff member’s level of effort hours at their regular hourly rate, including the overtime hourly billing rate and shift differential billing rate where applicable.

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Time and Materials Invoice

The Time and Materials Invoice provides billing rates times hours by labor category and includes other direct costs incurred with a related indirect cost burden (G&A) applied to ODC’s.

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SF 1035 Public Voucher

The SF 1035 Public Voucher is a continuation sheet that provides details in support of the amount listed on the SF 1034.

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Labor Hour Invoice

The Labor Hour Invoice is used for invoicing billable hours by labor category and by period of performance.

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