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What’s Your Spending Range?

$5k–$10k (Annually)

  • Single User Accounting
  • External Payroll Link
  • Web Timekeeping
  • Web Expense Reporting

With this spending range on an annualized investment spread, your cost accounting package is delivered under a Software-as-a-Service subscription. You’ll get all of the basic functionality required for DCAA compliance and the financial modules that you require to run your business on a day-to-day basis. Web timekeeping and expense reporting can also be provided, and depends on the number of named users (employees or consultants) that you require. This method reduces your upfront costs and allows for remote access to your accounting database via a secure remote desktop connection to your own virtual machine. If you already own a license or subscription for an electronic timesheet product and don’t desire to make a change then — within this budget range — you can potentially license a single-user (workstation) on-premise configuration of SYMPAQ SQL with software assurance (maintenance) along with a limited level of professional services for user training.

$10k–$20k (One-time or Annually)

  • Multi-user Accounting
  • Internal Payroll
  • Web Timekeeping
  • Web Expense Reporting

This spending range is the most common for small-to-mid sized contractors and allows for enough investment dollars for the license of on premise or hosted multi-user cost accounting, Web timekeeping and expenses (internal or externally hosted), professional services, and software assurance for licensed installs. This spending range also allows for comprehensive professional services for both SYMPAQ SQL, SYMPAQ eTx (Web timesheet and expense reporting). Professional and technical services sufficient for system design, implementation, and training are included to make certain that you get the most out of your software investment. Some level of data conversion and integration services is possible within this budget range.

Over $20k (One-Time or Annually)

  • Multi-user Accounting
  • Internal Payroll
  • Web Timekeeping
  • Project Views
  • Customizable Forms
  • Web Expense Reporting

This spending range provides small-to-mid sized firms — or divisions of large companies – with an on-premise perpetual license featuring high-volume, multi-user accounting, plus all of the benefits that come with smaller budgets for installation and training. If you require corporate-wide access to data using state-of-the-art querying and reporting tools, this budget range represents your best option for enterprise functionality that extends beyond back office cost accounting to a real-time management information system. This price range allows for customized forms and reporting, Web timekeeping and expense reporting, and integration with other productivity solutions for CRM, EVMS, and other database applications that work in harmony with the Microsoft SQL Server database engine. Best of all, our enhanced offering does not necessitate long and drawn-out implementation cycles common with other software in our industry.

Although SYMPAQ SQL and SYMPAQ eTx are logical in their presentation and are not difficult to use, professional services including training and consulting is a budget line item to include at any price range. Your investment can vary significantly depending on your knowledge of accounting and prior experience with similar accounting or timekeeping and expense software. Request A Quote today!

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