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DCAA Compliant Software Solutions

Government contractors face a staggering amount of cost accounting rules and regulations. To keep up with these requirements, you need competitively priced, comprehensive project accounting, timekeeping and expense software to ensure compliance with federal government audit guidelines and reporting. We design cost accounting software for government contractors that is easy to learn and use, with a clear and well organized interface.



SYMPAQ SQL is a complete cost accounting package that enables unmatched flexibility for data retrieval and reporting of activities. In every aspect of cost accounting, SYMPAQ SQL’s feature set is designed to meet a multitude of requirements. Product updates and features enhancements are largely based on valuable feedback from our clients.

  • Written from the top down for government contractors
  • Compliant with DCAA and A-133 audit guidelines
  • Modular, flexible and scalable
  • Built on a relational SQL database
  • Strong internal controls

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SYMPAQ eTX is a Web-based DCAA-compliant timekeeping and expense reporting solution that is securely accessed through your Internet browser from anywhere in the world with user-friendly navigation.

  • Enforces DCAA’s timekeeping regs
  • Automated approval workflow
  • Detailed audit trail
  • Integrated with SYMPAQ SQL
  • Built on the Microsoft ASP.NET platform

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ProductsShort demo videos that highlight some key features of SYMPAQ SQL.

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