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SYMPAQ SQL: Built for Your Business

Each SYMPAQ SQL module includes an array of closely integrated cost accounting functions and plays a unique role in seamlessly updating other modules with dependent data for comprehensive project reporting.

SYMPAQ SQL’s modular design helps government contractors keep track of all their projects while satisfying contractual reporting requirements. All modules reflect the reality of project cost accounting: time entry, indirect rate calculations, indirect cost allocations, labor distribution and much, much more.

SYMPAQ SQL offers the following core and add-on configuration options:

General Ledger

The SQL General Ledger Interface

The General Ledger is the heart of the system. Other modules post transactions to the General Ledger, which saves them for auditing, calculates them for analysis, and reports them in a variety of formats.

  • Unlimited Open Accounting Periods
  • No ‘hard’ close required
  • User Definable Account Structure-Segments
  • Calculation of indirect rates (commercial and government methods)
  • Import budgets and journals

Accounts Payable

The SQL General Ledger Interface

The Accounts Payable module handles invoices and vouchers for an unlimited number of vendors.

  • Unlimited account distributions per invoice
  • Single vendor for 1099 labor and non-labor line items
  • Point in time “As Of” aging of invoices
  • Direct deposit with option to e-mail remittance stubs to vendors
  • Pre-defined default percentage account distribution of invoices

Accounts Receivable

The SQL General Ledger Interface

The Accounts Receivable module tracks your Accounts Receivable invoices and cash receipts. No system can guarantee prompt remittance, of course, but our Accounts Receivable module helps you manage by aging all unpaid amounts.

  • Point in time “As Of” receivables balance aging
  • Cancel (void) invoices automatically
  • Apply finance charges to delinquent accounts
  • Invoice by catalog line item

Job Cost

The SQL General Ledger Interface

The Job Cost module provides a number of mission-critical reports, as well as various project cost and management support functions.

  • User Defined Project Structure
  • Unlimited projects and related tasks
  • Multiple contract types per project
  • Separate burdens and fees by cost element type
  • Unlimited project cost elements, contract line items, change orders, and funding modifications
  • Contract Briefs
  • Monthly, Year-to-Date and Inception-to-Date costs
  • Apply multi-tier indirect rate burdens to direct costs
  • Apply budgets by cost element, indirect tier and fee
  • Service Contract Act Health and Welfare support


Billing & Revenue

The SQL General Ledger Interface

The Billing & Revenue module applies both transactional and scheduled contracts to the billing phase of your projects.

  • Select projects, tasks and cost elements for transactional billings
  • Print Public Vouchers -SF1034/SF1035
  • Generate scheduled fixed price billings
  • Issue Retroactive Rate Adjustment invoices for provisional rate changes

Labor & Leave

The SQL General Ledger Interface

The Labor & Leave module covers every aspect of time and attendance, not only for employees but also for third-party labor (consultants).

  • Define employees, wage data, labor categories, and human resource data
  • EEO and VETS reporting
  • Automatically distribute labor for job costing and payroll
  • Calculate accrual and usage of employee leave benefits

Cash Management

The SQL General Ledger Interface

The Cash Management module registers all your manual cash transactions, ensuring a dependable daily cash balance.

  • Enter miscellaneous receipts
  • Enter manual disbursements
  • Void receipts and checks
  • Reconcile your bank accounts
  • Import Cash Journals

Purchase Order

The SQL General Ledger Interface

The Purchase Order module allows you to define the entire procurement process, from entry of the order through delivery of items and payment to the vendor.

  • Enter, review, and print purchase orders
  • Relieve purchase order commitments using vouchers for goods and services received
  • Report on open commitments both by purchase order and by project
  • Import Purchase Requisitions


The SQL General Ledger Interface

The Payroll module is designed for companies who process their payroll in-house, and enables the payment of your employees using a variety of payment methods at user definable frequencies.

  • Automatically generate payroll records from time and attendance data
  • Calculate gross-to-net pay
  • Issue payments by direct deposit or by check
  • Federal and State Tax Tables are provided

Electronic Time Cards

The ETC interface provides one-step import and validation of timekeeping data. Extensive and efficient business rules prevent the import of invalid data from external timekeeping systems. Once data is imported into SYMPAQ SQL, it is integrated into the Labor & Leave module and processed as native time card data.

ADP Payroll Interface

The ADP payroll interface creates an export file ready for use by your ADP payroll software. All employee and earnings category codes are matched, or mapped, between ADP and SYMPAQ SQL to ensure accurate and complete payroll reporting.

Expense Import

Import expense records directly into the SYMPAQ SQL Accounts Payable module. This utility eliminates the need to manually re-enter employee reimbursements and allows companies to import validated expense records into the cost accounting system quickly and efficiently.


Seamlessly export raw data to XML or Excel fomat in order to build your own querys and reports. This utility gives users without prior SQL experience the abiliy to select and export data from SYMPAQ SQL’s database, largely eliminating the need for custom queries or reports.

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