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Aldebaron serves its clients by mitigating risks associated with federal contract audits and by offering timely support. Aldebaron emerged from a successful government contracting business, and our staff has a deep understanding of the cost accounting requirements related to the industry.

Aldebaron provides services to government contractors in critical areas: Product support, Service-as-a-Service, Technical services, Conversion services, and Hosting-as-a-Service.

Product Support


Whether you need onsite or remote support, timely assistance is provided for users at every level. Our support professionals are well versed in  government contract accounting  and information technology, and possess the in-depth knowledge to quickly analyze and resolve issues.

You may rarely need to pick up that phone, but if you do, you’ll be in touch with experts with detailed knowledge of the cost accounting needs of government contractors who will handle your support call. We would be pleased to provide you with client references who can attest to the level of support offered – just contact us!

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)


If you’re not looking for a long term commitment, and are concerned with upfront license and on-going maintenance fees, then you probably should consider renting your cost accounting software as opposed to investing in a perpetual license. The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model enables you to get DCAA compliant without the upfront license and maintenance fees associated with “buying” cost accounting software. In addition to lower upfront costs, SaaS also means:

* no required installation of on-premise software, and

* updates and error corrections are included and automatically applied as part of your subscription.

Your accounting and timekeeping applications are hosted in a secure, monitored data center, and your database is backed up every business day. Your data is stored on a virtual server with 24/7 remote access and high availability. Using this service delivery model, a subscription agreement is required.

Customization Services

SYMPAQ is built to be so feature-rich that government contractors rarely require modifications to the software. In some cases, we’ve created custom reports such as invoices and purchase orders for clients with unique format requirements. Our experts can perform analysis, specifications, programming, testing and installation services to deliver a reporting solution designed for you!

Conversion Services

Government contractors need their product conversions to be fast, accurate, and airtight. Aldebaron has created a variety of conversion utilities to ensure the transfer of mission-critical cost accounting data:

  • Charts of accounts
  • Client records
  • ITD balances
  • Recurring invoices
  • G/L budgets
  • Employee records
  • Projects
  • Vendor records
  • Trial balance activity
  • Indirect costs




More and more government contractors are forgoing moving into formal office space and are keeping their overhead costs low by establishing virtual offices. In these circumstances, the vast majority of their direct workforce is located onsite at government premises; similarly, other support staff, including accounting department members, often work remotely from home.

However, this lean approach may inadvertently result in the absence of an available computing infrastructure to adequately process cost accounting data in a multi-user environment. In other words, there is no centralized file server and related network hardware/software applications on premises that are required to host mission-critical database applications such as SYMPAQ SQL.

If this sounds familiar, we offer a convenient, affordable, and secure hosting arrangement by way of a virtual server where your data is backed up nightly and 24/7 access is provided via an Internet connection. This is particularly attractive for companies without the hardware environment who prefer to purchase a perpetual software license and do not wish to enter into a software subscription agreement (see Software-as-a-Service). Best of all, you need not worry if you do not have available IT support; we become your outsourced managed service provider and install SYMPAQ SQL and SYMPAQ eTs updates as they become available. Pricing is based on your number of concurrent users and no annual agreement is required.

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SYMPAQ is a mature, scalable,and cost-effective accounting solution for government contractors and non-profits that need DCAA or A-133 audit compliance.

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